Always Been a Storm...

People say things happen in threes or that they are cyclic, that they come back around. It is no coincidence that our family was made complete when our daughter was born in 2017, making us a family of three. I also believe that it is no coincidence that the Mindful Mala Project completes the circle of entrepreneurial ventures for me as a business woman.
In 2013, I launched Anchor Me, a jewelry company that focused on bracelets that drew people together, honoring those who celebrated my triumphs in love and life and picked me up when things fell apart. In 2017, I rebranded the company focusing on the joy I felt surrounding the birth of my daughter. Olive & I was a jewelry company made to make women feel special and beautiful when they wore my earrings. I felt so grateful and blessed to be able to make them while I was staying home and raising Olive when she was so young.
So, here we are. Olive is almost two and a half, we are smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic and we have been home for just about five weeks. I have been making Mala for almost 6 years, completely self taught and have been teaching live workshops for almost a year. I have been given the gift of a lot of time to fall in love with Mala all over again and share that gift with you. What better use of our time and energy, then to methodically and rhythmically string and knot beads...together...virtually, and hopefully in person together again, very soon.
I started Anchor Me when I needed people. I started Olive & I when my entire existence centered around one tiny human. This year I turn 40. I don't NEED anyone any longer, but I do have everyone I want. Olive is gaining her independence and developing her amazing little personality every single day. And me? I am finding myself again. As my witchy, beautiful, iconic, spirit animal, Stevie Nicks so beautifully put it, I have always been a storm. Physically, I'm pretty grounded, but I am a free spirit. My soul has wanderlust. I get bored easily. I am not afraid to fail and I love to try new things. Life is made to live and put yourself out there and learn all there is this beautiful universe has to offer us. My spirit is a storm and has come full circle back to doing the things I love which center heavily around being around people, making them smile and helping them make and find beautiful things.
As circles come back to their beginnings, mandalas represent the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism. In Sanskrit, literally, mandala means circle. I have a very large mandala tattoo on my thigh that has come to represent a driving force in the way I live my life. In this lifetime, we build up karma, both good and bad, based on our actions. Hindus believe that our soul will pass through cycles of lives and our next incarnation is ALWAYS dependent on how our previous life was lived. The karma we build up in this lifetime will affect our future lives and existences. If we don't take responsibility for our actions now, we will be forced to deal with them in our next lifetime. It is such a powerful thought. This idea of mandala, circles, coming back to beginnings, or in my case this power of three, has brought me back to the beginning, back to the storm that I was, and probably always will be. Living in the eye for awhile isn’t so bad.
I am finding myself again, and what a journey it has been.
I am healthy. I am strong. I am loved.
Everyday, I make it a point to offer myself just a small bit of grace.
I hope you can find it within yourself to do the same.
With love, always,

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