Dude, It's the Sun!

Let me start with this question. Do people still blog? Is it possible that something that was invented in my lifetime is somehow now so antiquated that no one does it? I know the answer to my own question. The answer is yes. Blogging is lame. It takes forever. It takes a ton of thought, grammatical knowledge, and wit. No wonder people vlog...is that what it's called? I am SO showing my age! Long story short, I'm blogging because I'm lazy. I'd rather sit here and type because 1) I do love the written word. I believe it is beautiful and I still send handwritten letters and cards through good ol' USPS and 2) to get behind the camera often I have to put even the smallest amount of effort into what I look like. I really didn't do that all that much since having a child. Since quarantine? {Insert evil laughter} NEVER! I will say that I have invested in some very indulgent permanent makeup (I'll save that for another blog post) which helps me wake up looking partially alive, but I've recently invested in some magnetic eyelashes ( https://amzn.to/3eTcjKm ) which help significantly on the road to an instagram video during the day. 
Anyway, I digress. This is not the point of my very first blog post. I am here to discuss the name of my blog...DayMoon Musings and Reflections. Musings and Reflections is easy enough, right? But why DayMoon? What is a DayMoon? Up until about 3 weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to tell you either. In reality, I don't even think it actually exists. Warning, I'm about to go off on another tangent, so skip ahead if you must.
Be truthful with me. How many of you have this tattoo or something similar? 

Zero judgement. Pinky swear. I have my own collection of regretful tattoos that I am currently in the process of removing with a little machine called NEATCELL ( https://amzn.to/2S1Xo6A ). When I Googled "daymoon" I got that image and it immediately brought me back to high school and college and all the sun and moon tattoos that were given in 1998. I didn't get one. I actually waited another decade until I started down the slippery slope of tattoos I'd later grow to hate, none of which have anything to with suns or moons, but some have stars and flowers and dog paws and letters (again, a blog post for another day). 

Wow, I really am rambling. Okay, so...DayMoon. Olive, my daughter, you'll hear a lot about her on this blog, she LOVES the moon. She and my father just adore it. They look at it, talk about it, explore it with binoculars, search for it in the night sky...I'll remind you she is 2 years old. One morning she ran into our room asking, "Where the moon go, Mama?" My husband, being drowsy, said, "It's asleep." Me, not being one to sugarcoat things, said, "You can't see the moon during the day. It's always in the sky, the sun just shines brighter." P.S. folks - I used to teach second grade. 

Fast forward to later in the day, Mr. Sleepy pants has had his prescribed 3 cups of coffee and is back to his normal Super Daddy self. Olive is asking about the moon again, asking where Papa is, asking where her Moon Book went ( https://amzn.to/2S9bD9U ), and when she can see the moon. Tim points to the sun and says, "There is the Day Moon." OH HELL NO. Let's rewind a couple sentences. Remember when I told you I don't sugarcoat?

"Dude, it's the sun. Tell her that's the sun." This little joke has been going on for weeks now. He calls it the DayMoon, I tell Olive it's the sun. We all laugh. I think I'm winning because when we read books Olive points at that big yellow circle and says, "sun." She better. If she goes to preschool next year and calls that thing a "DayMoon" it's going to be my husband going to the principal's office explaining himself. 

Namaste, T


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