Family Mala

If you’ve done a workshop with me I may have mentioned that I have A LOT of unfinished Mala. Like, so - so many. That’s not my style.

I’m a doer. A finisher. I do not like unfinished projects. Honestly, unfinished things drive me bananas, but I need to demonstrate how to string tassels and charms and guru beads and knots during workshops and there is just not enough time in the day to mindlessly knot Mala. I mean, I wish I could. It is meditative and therapeutic and wonderful, but I have a life to live and a child to enjoy and a husband to spend time with, so there they lie, patiently waiting to become pretty little things that will eventually find forever homes and get loved and worn and meditated with.

This morning while trying to keep Olive from smashing my yoga girl statue while she was trying to balance it on her bouncing cow and trying to pack orders while also trying to set up my light box, I had this idea...I get a lot of ideas. What if I took one of those Malas that I had started and made a “family” Mala? I had to accept it would take a long, long time to finish. In addition to not living unfinished projects I also don’t like to wait a long, long time for anything. Imagine me pregnant? It wasn’t pretty!  

I grabbed an unfinished project, a handful of beads, and took O upstairs. I asked if she and Tim would each choose a bead that spoke to them, a bead that they liked best. After stringing and knotting 3 sandalwood beads on each side of the guru bead to represent the 3 Jewels in Buddhism (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha), I strung Olive and Tim’s beads. Papa came over later to play chalk in the driveway with Olive. I asked him to choose a bead.

And so it will continue and has. Jess, Emma, Darbi, Neva...have all chosen beads. My most loved and cherished 108 over the next ‘however long it takes’ will choose a bead that means something to them and I will knot their bead on my new Mala. I will wear it around my neck and keep them close to my heart always.

If this idea speaks to YOU, please take it and make your own Family Mala. Please order a stretch or knotted Mala Kit and send me a message and I will send you a large selection of beads for your family to choose from. This Mala will not be symmetrical, it will not “match,” it will not have a pattern, but I guarantee it will be the most beautiful.


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