Let's Talk Leggings

Let’s talk leggings!

I do love to get dressed up, not like ball gown/cocktail dressed up, but nice jeans, booties, adorable top, full face of makeup dressed up, but that isn’t really feasible with a toddler and really isn’t necessary when I don’t have a “job” to go to every day...even less necessary in the days of COVID-19 with no real parties or events or restaurants or ANYTHING to do. Let’s be honest, I’m lazy AF. When Olive was born I was just barely a step above sweatpants when I left the house...barely. 

What’s left? LEGGINGS!!! And I love a nice, buttery, high rise pair of compression leggings...the real expensive ones...you know the brand I’m talking about, I won’t name names! Well, when you don’t want to dress like a scrub, but you just really don’t want to wear jeans everyday, $100+ leggings on the daily isn’t really in the budget, and the other ones out there at other stores and online are crap (believe me, I’ve tried), so... I worked on a solution. Leggings for moms (or not moms) who want to look adorable but not always be “dressed.” FYI - you can totally wear these to work out in too! I carried them before I started Mindful Mala Project, when I was just an earring wholesaler with Olive and I and they did wonderfully. I did local pop-ups at my favorite local shop, Isabelle’s in Mattapoisett and lots of ladies locally really seemed to like them, but then I decided to stop working. You know the story, I was going to be a full time mom, blah blah, then we were locked down, I did a virtual workshop for Mala, then BLAM - Mindful Mala Project. So, here we are, I’m selling apparel full time and it seemed natural I brought Ollie leggings back into the fold.

These leggings are pretty fantastic and not just because they are mine!

*They are high rise - my first MUST HAVE! 

*They hold you in, but not so much that you still have the ability to breath! 

*They aren’t crazy athletic looking, so you can definitely wear them to the gym, but you can also wear them with a top and a pair of boots or booties and look like you aren’t on your way to yoga.

*They aren’t see through!

*They wear really, really well! No pilling! Now - full disclosure, they will pill a little eventually in the crotch area. Buy one of those Remington fuzz shavers on Amazon for under $10 and it will change your life! You can wash and dry them, but like with any leggings made with this material you are better off washing and hang drying and even better hand washing and hang drying, but who has time for that noise?!?!? 

*No camel toe! 

*Affordable!! At $38 a pair, you can seriously have a pair for everyday of the week!

As long as the tags are on them, they are returnable, so I strongly recommend you give these babies a try! Believe me, you won’t regret it!

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