Namaste. You hear me say it all the time. You see me write it at the end of almost every post. I’m guessing you say it at the end of most of your yoga practices. But do you know what it means?

It is an ancient Sanskrit blessing, greeting and salutation. It means: ‘I honour the spirit in you which is also in me.” Today it really just meant, “I honor the hot ass mess in you that is the hot ass mess that resides in me.”

Today is not nearly as zen as yesterday was. Give and take. Yin and yang. Ebb and flow. Blah and blah. Can I get an, “Amen?” I could not get out of my own way today and I get attuned next week which is just the Reiki fancy word for “graduate.”  It is recommended that before you get attuned that you meditate every day before to gain as much clarity as possible before your attunement. I wish I could mediate everyday, but some days there is just not enough time. I am making a real effort to find that time this week though. I’m taking this Reiki study quite seriously and have put a lot of time and effort and energy into the study and have gained so much and want to be as open to the attunement as I can be. 

So today I meditated in the car. And. Truthfully. It wasn’t so bad. It’s the first time I meditated with a Mala bracelet and I only concentrated on my breath because I was driving and saying a mantra while driving seemed a bit unsafe, but it was actually pretty awesome. And quite easy with a bracelet as it was so lightweight! I knew there would be no time later in the day so I grabbed the time where I could. I snagged one of my Mala Stacker bracelets off my wrist and just made it work. I started on the guru bead and set my intention, which in this case was to just relax, catch my breath, and calm down. I moved my fingers along the beads. For each bead I touched, I took a breath in through my nose and out through my nose. I don’t know how many beads my bracelets have. I made them to fit my wrist. When I got back to my guru bead. I took a big audible breath in and a big audible breath out through my mouth and started again. Olive did it with me (for as long as she’d tolerate it and then went back to her books and toys and Cheerios). It centered me. It calmed me. It really helped.

If you don’t have one yet grab one (lots are on sale this week in the shop) or get a kit and make one. I posted an IGTV video showing the meditation with the bracelet and the finger movements. The sound quality was shit, so I apologize for that, but again, I need to live my life so I grab time where I can. I had time to make a video in the passenger seat of my car while Tim drove to family dinner, so that is where the video was filmed. C’est la vie. 

If you’ve workshopped with me before you’ve heard me say, “There is no wrong way to use Mala.” I SO proved that today!


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