No Moss Grows on You

Something you may or may not know about me or may have figured out from following my page...I jump in. I'll try anything once. That doesn't mean I plan on dropping acid anytime soon, I'm talking business wise. Someone told me tonight that, "No moss grows on you." I suppose that is true, as I'm writing this I was just out in the garage teaching myself how to use my new metal bending tool to take vintage silverware and turn them into rings (keep your eyes peeled for those on the website). I would have finished it too if the squirrel that I'm convinced lives in my garage didn't start rummaging around in my husband's rag pile. (No one believes me, but I'm telling you, a squirrel lives in there and he had plans to attack me tonight). Alas, the ring shall be finished tomorrow.

The truth is I'm inherently lazy. I exercise because I have to to stay healthy. I really despise cleaning my house. Showering is a major chore because I hate blow drying my hair. I very rarely wear makeup. When it comes to work though, my business, my mind goes 1,000 miles a minute with ideas. I have to really reign it in, but often I just give it a go. What's the worst that can happen? It fails. I've failed before, it isn't that bad. Also, for something to succeed you have to risk failure. It is one of the reasons I snagged up some vintage Scandinavian belts this week. FYI these belts are so small they 100% cannot be used as belts, I'd be lucky if I can get them wrapped around my thigh. Keep your eyes peeled for what I'm going to do with those, I have some is going to be so fun!

So! This blog post is really about what launched new boho tee line. I've carried some tees for about a month now and I absolutely love them. I've worn them for awhile and was totally jazzed to carry them in the shop. They are beautifully made and their messages are wonderful, but after my cost to buy them and ship them here, they are a little too expensive for the price point I'd like for my shop. Here comes that "no moss" thing and that "not afraid to fail" thing...I watched some videos, read some articles, bought some screens, purchased a few more tools, and did A LOT of experimenting. I don't think it a surprise that some of the outcomes were less than desirable, but after lots of practice...I landed right were I wanted to be.

Each shirt has a screen that means something super special to me. They are designed by me, then the screens are created. The tees are super soft and the perfect boho style - flowy, but still flattering with a wide neck for an off the shoulder look. What is really special about my shirts is that after I run the batch of shirts, the screen is deemed dead, so the shirt won't be made again, so each design truly is "limited edition."

The Free Spirit Tee is very symbolic for me. A free spirit myself, kind of a jumper without looking, but also representative of what I had originally set out to embody when I named my company. The Wanderlust Tee is also very close to my heart. Although I don't have wanderlust myself, the word encompasses the Teah that exists in an alternative universe or the one that is still 29...walking around in cowboy boots, denim cut offs and a crocheted crop top, turquoise jewelry, a flower crown and sun-kissed skin dancing the day away at Coachella (let's be honest, I actually do wear some of these at 40 years old). Also, the word is just uber cool. 

I hope you love them as much as I do.

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