Today was a Gift.

Today was a gift.

I mean, really. All days are a gift. I really do believe that, but today was like, SUCH A GIFT! Thank God for grandparents. I hit the grandparent lottery. Olive’s Nana and Papa (my parents) are stinkin’ amazing. They are divorced and got divorced when I was 18. That was a horrible, icky, messy nasty story, saved for another blogpost and another day, but I digress. They get along now, and live separately obviously, and never remarried, and Olive is the only grandchild currently...and...OLIVE IS LIFE! We joke around and say that CHALK IS LIFE for our little Chickarina, but my parents adore this kid. And the feeling is quite mutual, but this isn’t about Olive and my parents this is about self care. 

My mom doesn’t work in the summer, so Olive goes to “Nana School” a few hours a day so I can work. Today she went to Nana’s house for the whole day. The whole day through nap time. I had the entire house to myself in daylight hours from 9am until...well, STILL. I’m still home. ALONE. So many uppercase letters right now. I don’t even care. 

Self care looks different for different people. I know that. I have severe OCD, I’m medicated for it and have been for a long time. My brain works in very mysterious ways (I’d like to take this moment to thank U2 for never being able to say that phrase without singing their song). I have a creative mind and can think outside the box, but my house has to be “just so” or I lose my shit. No joke. Not so much CLEAN, as TIDY. Everything has a place and everything needs to be in that place. Don’t get me wrong, I like a clean house, but dishes in the sink, an unmade bed, a messy kitchen, unfolded laundry, a cluttered space will send me into a full fledged panic attack. It comes as no surprise that I was nervous to have children. It took practice, but living with messes has become easier, but not today, my friends, I organized the crap out of my house. Everything was put back in its correct. I put on my favorite Fleetwood Mac album, and organized toys until I couldn’t see straight. I cleaned both coffee machines with vinegar for an hour and it was glorious. 

I exercised. I meditated. I worked, of course, but that was necessary, and enjoyable when I have the time to do it and it isn’t rushed. I took a bubble bath. I did the dishes. I did laundry. Now, not all of this is self care, but the beat goes on, am I right? I browsed the Restoration Hardware catalog over a cup of coffee. I changed the filter in my face mask. I crossed days off the family calendar (also a boring but satisfying task). I filled out birthday cards for the month (one of my most favorite things to do). I prepped dinner. I organized the fridge (sooooo good to throw out expired condiments). I made Mala, just because I wanted to and didn’t have to. 

My father just called and asked what time Olive will be home so they can go outside and go on a frog hunt. During this time I will pour a glass of wine and cook dinner and then I’ll go outside and watch my dad and Olive look for frogs and join on their evening chalk session of drawing animals in our driveway. 

I know how lucky I am. I am grateful. Thank God for grandparents. 

Today was a gift.

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