“So, What’s the Deal with Chakras Anyway?” Journal

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Written and Illustrated by Kelly Medeiros-Raposa

Explore each of your chakras through journal prompts and mandala meditations through this interactive journal!

So, here’s the skinny on “chakras.” Prior to our modern life of science and technology, ancient cultures lived by the concept that every living being had a life force within them- centers of energy. Basically, these energy centers move inside of us and correlate with emotions, physical traits, mental health and more. These energy centers became known as “chakras” which is a Sanskrit word translating to “wheel.” Energy centers also believed to exist outside of our physical bodies, but for the sake of this book, we will focus on 7 energy centers located inside of our bodies.

My book includes my self-described hilarious introduction, journaling prompts, mandalas to color, a list of essential oils, herbs and foods that can be used to balance each chakra, guided meditations and affirmations!