Mindful Mandala Art Kit

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Go on a mindful creative mandala adventure!

Learn the tradition of creating mandalas with a trifecta of fluid mediums.

First, you will practice traditional mandala symbols on paper. Next, use those same techniques of sacred geometry with a design in sand. For the third medium, you will mindfully arrange a pattern of foraged leaves and petals with dried herbs on top of your sand design to create a mandala.

It is believed that the mandala gives a deeper connection with man, nature, and spirit. The circular nature of the mandala symbolizes the full circle of life, or samsara; what lessons were not learned in this life, you are bound to learn in the next.

One of the links provided shows the flower mandala being made in a picture frame. It is a beautiful idea after some practice to press your flowers into glass to be hung on a wall to represent the circular nature of life and samsara.

This workshop is all levels! NO ARTISTIC SKILL NECESSARY!

Your enrollment includes all the materials you will need, including paper, colored pencils, pencil, pencil sharpener, dried flowers and herbs, and sand. Please plan to collect some fresh leaves and/or petals and/or sticks from your surroundings to add to your mandala and also add some of your own energy. Also consider a piece of poster board or a plate for the sand work portion of our workshop.

The video tutorial portion of this kit was submitted by Kelly Medeiros-Raposa of Foxx & Luna (www.kmraposa.com). That link as well as other YouTube tutorial links will be emailed to you after you have purchased your kit.