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Making Mala is a very soothing and calming practice, almost meditative. Historically, they were made to keep track of your mantras during prayer and to keep you grounded and set intentions. Of course, they can just be worn as a beautiful piece of jewelry.

When you choose your colors we will make our best effort to come as close as we can to putting a kit together that meets your expectations. If you have a very special request please email us and we will do the best we can. If you would like some lava beads in your kit so you can add essential oils to your Mala, please message us also. 

Your kit includes materials necessary to complete your Mala. You will also need some strong adhesive  and a pair of scissors. You may also choose to use a big eye needle and a pair of needle nose jewelry pliers. Most of these items can be found in our Bohemian Marketplace and can be added to your cart. You may choose to plan your bead pattern before you start stringing, but that is completely your choice. Organizer boards are also available in our Bohemian Marketplace

No two Mala are the same. Pictures are only shown as examples. Remember, there is no wrong way to make Mala, do what feels right and what looks good to you! For a bracelet, it should have as many beads as it needs to fit snuggly, but not leave an indent on your skin. Traditionally, Mala necklaces have 108 beads, a Guru bead, and a tassel, but in the end, the decision is yours. Other Mala can have 9, 18, 27, or 54 beads. Historically, Mala with 27 beads represents progress, while a Mala with 108 beads represents a journey of fulfillment.

It is recommend that you attend a Mindful Mala Project before you try to complete a kit.