Quick Reference Chakra Cards

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The Chakra Healing Cards - Deep Healing Collection includes (7) 4"x6" cards (1 for each chakra), (3) quick reference cards and (2) information cards, for a total of 12 cards. 

This Deep Healing version of Chakra Healing Cards, helps you to truly work on a much deeper level. Use these cards to get to the source imbalance and experience a deep healing.

These Chakra Healing Cards provide guidance on how to better focus your energy and thoughts on healing.

You start by learning about the chakras characteristics and how they each uniquely influence your body and mind. Next you can review multiple crystal, aromatherapy, sound therapy and Spirit Guide suggestions. You finish by using all these tools together with the provided affirmations and meditations that are specifically designed to help you open yourself to allow healing.

They are an absolute must for any meditation space since they are a quick and helpful reference when working on any chakra.